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As this, in fact, is my diary, you may be wondering why it’s called The Diary of a Kidney Bean. Well, it’s a funny (ish) story. My wife and I recently became pregnant, and at week 7 there was some bleeding. Fuelled by the anxiety of first pregnancy panic we made our way to St Mary’s hospital in London for an emergency scan.

As the panic evaporated, and the doctor pointed to our little baby’s, (and I mean little, apparently the size of a blueberry) pregnancy sack and heart beat, my wife glanced over at me and asked if I could see it. “Yes, I think so, I can see something,” I replied. She then asked what ‘something’ looked like and still in a bit of shock I said, “Well it looks like, errrr, well to be honest darling it looks like a kidney Bean”. Albeit an accurate description, in retrospect it was a bit of a daft thing to say, but in my defence it’s bloody difficult to make out any definite shapes on a sonogram unless you have had years of training.


So since that early evening, we have referred to our eagerly anticipated new arrival as Kidney Bean. So although factually incorrect (this is in fact my diary) it seemed apt to name this blog, “The Diary of a Kidney Bean”

It’s about me, my wife and our kidney bean.

But the story doesn’t start there, no, the story starts on a cold December evening in the Bond Street branch of the Busaba Eathai restaurant chain, where over a couple of bottles of beer and 2 orders of Thai Calamari we decided to have a baby!!!!


Kunle Barker

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